Erinma speaks to Soroptimist meeting


Dr Erinma Bell was the speaker at our February meeting. She became a co-founder and CEO of her own charity CARISMA ( Community Alliance for Renewal Inner South Manchester Area ) in 2003.  CARISMA was a community based group set up to try and reduce gun crime and offer life chances to young people as an alternative to violence . She spoke about ways of dealing with conflict and the different models she employs to reduce violence . Through the work of CARISMA in association with the police, gun crime has reduced by 92% in Manchester

CARISMA has now become part of  Chrysalis – a family support centre which helps migrant families. It was so interesting hearing about parts of her life and work . We were delighted that she came to speak to us.

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Chrysalis was established as a family support centre in 1994 to help all family members especially those in young and poorly resourced families of which there are many in the area. Our philosophy is to promote personal improvement, emotional wellbeing, social stability and economic opportunity

Staff, volunteers and users work together to build and promote positive self images that enable all young people and family members to acquire the basic skills for living in inner city communities. We provide a nursery facility for the local community and offer training and counselling programmes

Chrysalis is 20 years old!

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For information about our new 2015  Parenting Course take a look at this poster


The first three sessions of the 2015 course can be viewed in a Word file which can be accessed by clicking on this link:

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We offer support services to families and individuals from Black and Ethnic Minority, refugees and asylum seekers, EU and other immigrant communities based in the area. We work in collaboration with other agencies to meet the needs of our users

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